Creating Personal Connections

and building purposeful communities from the inside out.

There is an epidemic in the world,

a silent tide of loneliness sweeping across the hearts of millions, young and old alike.

Loneliness isn’t just a passing feeling but a severe problem pointed out by the U.S. Surgeon General. It shows that everyone needs true friendship and understanding. Addressing this widespread loneliness isn’t just about finding a quick fix but creating spaces where real connections can flourish. Here’s where Feel The Vibe steps in.

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What we do

We provide donors, advocates, coaching practitioners, community leaders, and volunteers with the organizational structures and the tools they require to care for those in our human community suffering from stress, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, and depression.

How about YOU?

I'm a

Donor or Volunteer

Looking for ways to help?  Many options are available for you to contribute your time, financial support, or other means of giving.

I'm an


You work passionately for the people and causes you care the most about.  We can help you achieve your advocacy goals without burning out.

I'm a

Coaching Practitioner

Can you expand your reach to a wider audience and meet new clients who are interested in the same things you are?  YES!

I'm a

Community Leader

Communities change when they know that wisdom and peace are innately present in every human being.

Our numbers

We have actual statistics and will place them here soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy our placeholder text.  We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.

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