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About Feel The Vibe

There is an unmistakable vibe felt when you genuinely connect with others.  You feel the vibe when someone listens to you, understands and cares for you – when someone respects you for who you are.  It’s a universal human need.

This website is offering you that connection, that unique vibe.  Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or the custodian of a rural elementary school, this website is for YOU.

Focusing on differences – that which divides us – already fills our lives.  Sometimes the difference is all we see!  This website finds what connects us – not what separates us.  Welcome to a new way of seeing life.


Our feelings are the barometer of our thoughts.
Spiritual wisdom… will guide you through life from within.
You will find the feeling of love, understanding, and contentment upon finding spiritual wisdom.
Sydney Banks

Inspired by these words from Sydney Banks, our purpose is to point you toward those feelings – to help you “awaken to the beauty and vibrancy of life.”
Feel The Vibe.

Love, understanding, and contentment

are all feelings of relationship.

When you feel the vibe,

you feel at one with the vibrating energy of life.

That universal energy connects us all.

We find common unity – we find community.

How This Website Works:

This website is new and different. Connection points are created by you and for you. Small groups get to know each other and discuss and share. This website invites you to create or choose a “path” (a “WebPath”) of interest where you can find buddies.

FeelTheVibe.Net is intended to be inviting, friendly, engaging, captivating, and safe. You are important! You will connect with a wide array of unique people with interests similar to yours. Folks who have already begun to experience a different way of “seeing” life are encouraged to volunteer as “buddies” to those just beginning their search. There is no teaching or directing. These buddies will point you to opportunities to experience more peace and joy.

🙋‍♀️ Is It Free?

There is no monetary fee charged for using this website. However, that does not mean it is free. Everyone on this website generously gives creativity, time, and talent to share the richness and rewards of a connected life. ”Community doesn’t just create abundance – community is abundance.” (Parker Palmer) Knowing the gifts we have received, scarcity does not define life. From abundance, we share. You will have opportunities to invest your creativity, time, and talents as you share the beauty and vibrancy of life with others.

This website lists references and links that may involve paid services or products. Our website receives no compensation for providing such references. They are included solely as opportunities to enhance your experience.

🔐 Data Security

On this website – unlike commercially operated internet platforms – the personal information you provide and data generated through this website are only used internally by our volunteers to facilitate and enhance your experience in connecting with others. That data is never sold or used outside this platform.

💺 Make Yourself at Home.

Welcome to this website. You are valued. You provide creativity and vibrancy. Choose your WebPath. Share with others.

We are creating a new world – a resilient and peaceful world – while together finding happiness.  Happiness knows no limits.

Happiness is a room without a roof.

- Pharrell Williams

Our Mission

To reduce stress, anger, insecurity, and depression while enhancing contentment in everyday functioning for people everywhere through establishing meaningful connections and purposeful communities that are safe, healthy, and sustainable.