About us

Who we are

We’re not just building a platform; we’re building a community where everyone feels a little more at home, a little more understood, and a lot more alive.

Imagine a place where people can be themselves, discover what they truly love, and connect with others who share the same passion. That’s what Feel The Vibe is building. It’s a platform – both online and in-person – where everyday folks, no matter where they are, can find a little more joy, understanding, and support in their lives.

On our platform Feel The Vibe Community, we have “Seekers” – people exploring what they’re really about, and “Buddies” – folks who lend an ear, share experiences, and offer a helping hand during rough patches. Through sharing stories and experiences, Seekers and Buddies form a community that’s all about supporting one another.

We believe everyone has their own inner wisdom, and Feel The Vibe Community is that friendly nudge to help them see it too. It’s not just about personal growth; it’s about growing together, understanding each other, and making every day a little brighter.

Here, people learn to tune into their own intuition. We help steer them in the right direction, showing them that a lot of the guidance they seek is already within them, waiting to be uncovered.

Our approach

Our Mission

Through creating personal connections, building purposeful communities, and pointing toward the inside-out nature of our human experience, Feel The Vibe provides donors, advocates, coaching practitioners, community leaders, and volunteers with the organizational structures and the tools they require to care for those in our human community suffering from stress, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, and depression.

Our Vision

We want to help people discover their vibe, enrich their lives, and, in turn, create a better world for us all.

Our Partners

Numbers and figures

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