Feel The Vibe Inc. Launches My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators

Feel The Vibe Inc., a new educational nonprofit in Charlotte, NC, has partnered with author Christa Campsall to develop My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators.  The My Guide Inside K-12 curriculum brings out the best in all students.

The program is already gaining traction among educators nationwide and internationally, with many praising its focus on students’ total well-being – academically, mentally, behaviorally, and socially.

My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators” is a comprehensive program designed to equip educators with the knowledge to support students to actualize their potential.  This program aims to support educators to gain a deeper understanding to connect with their students, as well as create a positive learning environment.

“We are thrilled to be launching My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators,” said Dave Nichols, one of the founders of Feel The Vibe Inc.  “Our goal is to empower educators with the knowledge and skills they need to help all students succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

“Educators everywhere are welcome to join,” said Christa Campsall, author of the program, “this introductory blended program provides educators with relevant and flexible professional development learning and is complete with a certificate of participation.”

Feel The Vibe Inc. and Christa Campsall recognize and honor teachers’ continuous investments daily in their students.  There is no monetary charge to register for My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators. Only a “sharing forward” commitment is requested.

For more information and to register for My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators, visit MyGuideInside.FeelTheVibe.Net.

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