Feel The Vibe Gift Acceptance Policy

I. General Policies and Guidelines

  1. Forms of Donations: Feel The Vibe accepts various forms of donations, including cash, pledges, appreciated securities, other personal assets, gifts-in-kind, deferred or planned gifts (such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, matured bequests, insurance policies), gifts of residence (with or without a retained life interest), and will commitments.
  2. Authority to Accept or Decline Donations: Feel the Vibe’s board of directors and executive team reserve the right to accept or, where necessary, decline any financial commitment. The authority also extends to how commitments are credited or recognized. Feel The Vibe will individually review each potential or proffered commitment, particularly those of unusual size, designation, form, or payment schedule.
  3. Ethical Considerations: Representatives of Feel The Vibe will not seek or accept any commitments believed to be against the donor’s best interest. All members and representatives must refrain from seeking, encouraging, or accepting commitments potentially detrimental to the organization’s best interest or inconsistent with its fiduciary and moral responsibilities.
  4. Considerations for Refusal or Modification of Gifts:
    1. Proposals to fund programs inconsistent with the organization’s mission as determined by the board.
    2. Proposals for programs the donor cannot adequately fund to completion or sustain perpetually.
    3. Commitments proposed in ways that conflict with our policies or local, state, or federal laws concerning discrimination.
  5. Preferred Donations: While all contributions are valued, those in immediate cash, negotiable assets, or short-term pledges are particularly beneficial due to their immediate impact on Feel The Vibe’s operations.
  6. Conditional Donations: Proposed donations that specify conditional organizational goals must be submitted in writing and evaluated by Feel The Vibe before acceptance. Written documentation could be a pledge card, letter of intent, or personal letter.

II. Standards for Reporting Specific Types of Gifts

  1. Cash Gifts: Will be reported at their total value as of the date received.
  2. Securities: Valued at the average market price on the date control is relinquished to Feel The Vibe.
  3. Gifts-in-Kind: Will be reported at total market value on the date control. Gifts-in-kind may include Items that qualify for a charitable gift deduction, such as equipment and software.
  4. Real and Personal Property: Items worth over $5,000 are reported at fair market value as appraised by an independent professional appraiser.

III. Special Types of Gifts

  1. Charitable Trusts and Annuities: Valued at the market value of the assets given.
  2. Insurance Policies: Credited at their face or cash surrender value, whichever is greater.
  3. Bequests and Will Commitments: Credited at the value established during probate or transfer.

IV. Posting of Feel The Vibe Gift Acceptance Policy

  • This policy is to be posted on the Feel The Vibe website at www.feelthevibe.net and included in any donor information packages to ensure transparency and understanding among potential donors.
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